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2 way radio

2 way radio

Walkie Talkie vs Two Way Radio?

Although the terms ‘walkie-talkie’ and ‘two-way radio’ can be used interchangeably, some minor differences between the two technologies do actually exist. In a professional context, it is best to know which device you are referring to before you refer to it (but this is substantially less important on a day-to-day level). Essentially, a walkie-talkie is…

How do Walkie Talkies Communicate

A walkie-talkie or 2 way radio is a battery-powered transceiver (meaning that it can both transmit and receive radio signals). Walkie-talkies receive radio waves via an antenna and can also broadcast return signals (on the same frequency) via the same device. A walkie-talkie essentially converts incoming signal into sound and outgoing sound into signal. The…